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Trent is Charleston, South Carolina native and a graduate of the University of South Carolina. Before graduating college in 2009 Trent discovered his life’s passion, trading stocks and options. Upon entering the workforce, Trent became a Real Estate Associate for The Wrenn Group, He soon rose to manage multiple companies within The Wrenn Group (Project Manager of Hanahan Land Consultants, LLC, Project Director of Charleston Design and Repairs, LLC, Project Coordinator of Lowcountry Landscape and Maintenance, LLC, and owner of LIR Consulting). All the while maintaining the daily discipline of chart study, learning and application within the financial markets.

In 2012 Trent became a licensed Investment Advisor and briefly sold Equity and Fixed Income products. Today he no longer practices investment advisory and does not assume discretionary control over any accounts other than his own.

In 2015 Trent co-founded Sky Insurance Technologies. Sky serves as a technology provider to the group health insurance market. Sky eventually spurred the growth of two other startups in the space, Self-Insured Reporting and Plan well Health. Trent is a shareholder of both and currently sits on the board of all the aforementioned companies.

In 2019 after gaining a decade of trading experience, Trent decided to share some of the knowledge that he acquired through YouTube. His no BS honest and transparent approach garnered the attention of traders around the world looking to refine their skills.

Today Trent lives with his wife and two sons in Charleston SC.