Custom Indicators

Prophet Market Custom Indicators for TradingView

Here you’ll find a list of all Prophet Market’s current custom indicators. Each indicator can be used by itself, or with the other indicators to drastically improve your market analysis. Just remember, there is not one indicator that will be the magic bullet for your trading. You’ll need to use the many tools in your toolbox to successfully gain an edge on today’s market.

PM Indicator

A hybrid oscillator that displays information from both the Stochastic Slow indicator and the StochRSI. This indicator is used to measure oscillations in price as well as identify trend confirmations. A divergence overlay feature has been added to help identify potential turning points.

PM1 Divergence Overlay

This indicator measures very popular oscillators, identifies divergences and then overlays the signal onto the price pane. Both Bullish and Bearish divergence signals are present.

PM2 Divergence Overlay

A second version of the PM Divergence overlay. This Indicator also identifies divergences using popular oscillators however they are different than the oscillators used for the PM1 Divergence Overlay. The divergence signals are overlayed onto the price pane similar to PM1.

PM Bull/Bear

A fast and easy way to identify who is in control for a given time frame, the bulls, or the bears. This indicator shades the candles different colors to indicate the most likely bias between buyers and sellers.

PM Reversal Indicator

A variation of a popular reversal candlestick pattern. This indicator is used to identify potential turning points in a trend. This is meant to be used in conjunction with other PM Indicators.

PM Moving Averages

A trend-following indicator that measures the values of two exponential moving averages against each other. This indicator is used to identify trends and to signal potential trend reversals.

PM Accumulation/Distribution

A variation of the popular accumulation distribution indicator. This indicator determines if traders are accumulating (Buying) or distributing (Selling). This can be used to confirm trends or to spot potential reversal areas.


A different variation of the popular RSI indicator. This one uses a 50 line in the center and also incorporates Bollinger bands to help with range measurements.

PM Force Index

A variation of the original Elder’s Force Index, the PM Force Index uses both price and volume to identify potential price correlations and reversals. The PMFI fluctuates from positive to negative values. It serves to measure direction, extent and volume.

PM Support/Resistance

This is a tool used to identify potential support/resistance areas within a securities price action. This indicator is meant to be used in conjunction with other PM indicators.