Frequently Asked Quetions

How do I upgrade my membership?

Head to My Profile, then Membership –> Subscriptions. Here you’ll see your current plan, and an option to change your plan on the right side. Once you select “Change Plan” you can choose a new membership level and input any further information that is needed.

I already paid for two weeks of a membership. Will that be applied to a membership upgrade?

Yes! All of our membership upgrades are prorated, so anything that you have already paid will be applied to your new membership level. You will see that information posted in your profile by going to My Profile –> Memberships –> Scubscriptions.

How do I change my propfile photo?

Head to My Profile, then click on the avatar on the right side of the tab bar. Then click on Profile Settings, then the green icon on the left panel. You can also change your cover photo by clicking the pink icon. Upload any photos of your choosing to customize your look!

How do I install the custom indicators?

To use Trent’s custom TradingView indicators, you can find installation instructions here – Install Indicators.